The Jigsaw Room

  • Pre-school – Jigsaw Room
    3 & 4 years old
    A world of learning. The Jigsaw room introduces children to a range of new activities to help them use their imagination. The well resourced and spacious room is designed to offer plenty of opportunities for learning.

    Active and industrious, our graduate led pre-school room allows your child to constantly engage in stimulating learning. It is designed to enable flexibility in our child led planning and when developing new learning opportunities. Our dedicated staff respond to children’s needs and use careful observations of children and their interests while providing challenge, to encourage children to learn at their own pace.


    We have two rooms in the pre-school. One room allows for sensory experiences with sand, water and malleable play, to engage in creative and mark making, explore ICT and math’s, and to read and listen to books. The other is full of opportunities to play imaginatively, to build, to role-play, play with small world and vehicles, and make music.


    Our pre-school room encourages children to have confidence and develop skills while they make their way in the world. Each child is encouraged to be themselves by gaining listening skills, asking questions and finding answers, sharing with others, social interaction with peers and adults, problem solving and never giving up, learning the importance of healthy eating, looking after our bodies, and making good decisions. We believe that by supporting these skills your child’s transition to school will be smooth and a positive experience, with your child confident and excited to extend what they already know and try what they do not know.