Outdoor World

  • Indoor & Outdoor World

    Our nursery is designed to offer a warm, welcoming, home from home environment where children can flourish and reach their full potential in a safe and secure environment. Our dedicated members of staff believe that the experiences a child receives in their most formative years are crucial to their future progress and development.

    The graduate led baby, toddler and pre-school rooms are designed to make available lots of educational learning opportunities while enabling them to explore, investigate and experiment, where they can try new things, take safe risks, and challenge themselves physically and mentally whilst forming strong friendships with their peers.

    The outdoor areas have been designed to allow children the freedom of learning on a larger scale while exploring nature.

    At Hippitots the emotional, social and physical development of all the children in our care is our primary concern. We ensure equality of opportunity for all children. We promote self respect and a respectful, caring attitude towards our environment and others and have high expectations for your child.


    Outdoor World

    We are very proud of our outdoor world as well as being very fortunate to have two spaces, a large 30m² walled garden and rear play area accessible from the toddler room. Your child will spend some of their day at Hippitots outside experiencing all of the weather conditions our country has – both sunny days and not so sunny days.


    Both spaces are safe and secure with high walls and secure gates but are areas where children can take ‘safe’ risks. The garden has been designed as a space where your child can play and learn on a larger scale, experience nature and differing weather conditions, have the opportunity to grow and take care of plants and flowers, make mud pies, and the freedom to run, jump, hop, climb, explore and investigate.


    The rear play area accessible from the toddler room has safety grass on the floor and is designed so your child experience sensory play (sand and water), able to climb, play with balls, make big sounds on the sound wall and much more.


    “The environment is highly stimulating and organised. Children access an extensive range of activities and resources so they can experiment, investigate and challenge themselves, both indoors and outside” Ofsted.