Little Rainbow Room

  • Toddlers – Little Rainbow room

    18 months/Competent walkers – 3 years old

    An exciting world. This room has been planned to offer a rich, exciting, interactive learning environment for toddlers to explore and discover whilst learning through play both indoors and out. Consideration of children’s interests and developing wonder is taken into account when offering the right balance of opportunities for children to engage, explore and discover new and exciting ways to learn whilst having fun.
    This is a challenging age as well as a wonderful age, where children are starting their journey of discovery, finding out about themselves and trying to make sense of the world around them. They are trying to understand their own mind, communicating loudly and practicing new words, beginning to make their own decisions, taking what adults say literally, struggling to manage their emotions, and showing defiance!.
    As a team we are there to support the toddlers through this journey of discovery allowing them the space and time to negotiate this sometimes challenging time.

    ​The Little Rainbow room is accessible to a specifically designed outdoor play area with safety grass which encourages and enables appropriate physical development. The toddlers also access the large garden.