Baby Room

  • Baby Room

    0 to 18 months/Competent walker

    A familiar world. This room was designed to be a natural and comfortable transition from home to nursery, with soft and comfortable furnishings to create a calm and welcoming environment.


    During your settling in visits your child’s key person will spend time to understand your preferences and your baby’s needs; what they like and dislike; what they enjoy; how they like to sleep; what and how they like to eat. This forms your child’s starting point of their learning at Hippitots. Whilst each child is partnered with a key person all of the staff in the room will get to know your child; their key person is the one who will spend time with you, ensure that your child’s are met – especially in the early days, so that your baby feels safe and loved.

    We have a wide range of carefully selected resources for babies to explore safely, ensuring that every opportunity is taken to support a child’s development and that they enjoy discovering new things and new ways, making new connections and starting to make sense of their world.

    The babies have an opportunity to explore the outdoor world safely in either our specially designed outdoor play area or large garden.